Hello folks.  Not sure how I had missed this list until now,
but have seen some good info in the archives.

Had a few Drakes slip thru here over the years.  Still
have a 4A line on the air and enjoy being the protector
of a relatively nice 1A.  Don't have a large collection,
but enjoy most older radios as well as the new.

At any rate, recently added an R7 to the collection
and have it going rather well.  One thing has me
stymied and it is the S Meter set up:  If it is aligned
according to the manual, full counter clockwise on the
RF gain only raises the meter to 60 DB and not full scale.

Is that anything close to what anybody else sees?

R4A calls for a setting of full scale on the sens setting.

Otherwise, it seems correct.  I can push it above 60
with the sig gen.  S9 is 50 uv and the steps above and
below S9 are correct.

Just wanted another opinion before I replace the case.
Neat radio.  Been on the wanted list for many years.

Darrel, N0DBX

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