The S-Meter circuits in the 7-line have undergone a number of revisions over
the years that the rigs were produced. You can drive yourself nuts trying to
chase them down. FWIW I pretty much just gave up trying to make sense of it and
just adjust them "by the book".




On Wed, 2 Mar 2016 16:50:59 -0600, jetercreek wrote:

>Thanks for all the input, gentlemen.  I have made some
>headway.  Especially after I discovered the meter face
>had a good static buildup!
>I got it as close as possible and adjusted the IF gain to
>match the modern rig.  It's all relative...
>But, if it reads anywhere close to what I consider normal
>in the region up to S9 +20, it is haywire above 20 DB and
>now CCW RF gain is only +40.
>I always considered (and found) Drake transceivers to have 5 DB
>between S units  and great accuracy above S9.  I there any
>chance the R7 was meant to reflect a different standard?
>Darrel, N0DBX
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