Like you, I've always associated Sylvania with factory Drakes. Sure could have 
been exceptions, I guess. Curious how you know your GE mixers to be "original"?

I understand metal gears were used in the later/last runs of 4-Line gear. My 
23XXX and 25XXX 4C and 4XC, though well into the production life of the 4-Line, 
still have nylon gears.

This link explains some of the changes and differences in the 4C over its 
lifetime and may prove interesting.


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> On Jul 9, 2016, at 8:49 AM, Mark <> wrote:
> I picked up an R-4C in the flea market this year at Dayton.  It was a later 
> one, made sometime in 1977.   I noticed that the mixer tubes, 6EJ7’s are 
> original and GE with date codes 1977 and were made in Great Britain.  The 
> plates on these 6ej7’s are mesh, not solid.    I’ve always thought that Drake 
> used Sylvania tubes and that their 6EJ7’s are quieter than most – less 
> crackling noise.   Did Drake try these mesh plate tubes  to address the noise 
> issue and are they any better?
> Finally, the PTO has metal gears on it, not molded nylon.    Was that a 
> design change?
> 73 NO8J
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