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>I am engaged in repair of a Drake TR-7.  Would someone please tell me where
>I can buy some of the small intra-board coax cables?  If I have to make
>them, where do I get the connectors ... and by what name do I refer to them?

This was recently discussed in the Yahoo DrakeRadio group. The upshot is no one
really knows. A suitable cable type was possibly identified but the connectors
themselves remain something of a mystery. You may be able to retrofit with some
more modern connectors.

>Is there a list of reputable sources from which I could purchase
>transistors, capacitors, etc in the one or two quantity level for these
>older radios?

PA deck parts can be purchased from RFParts. Mouser is a good source for most
ofther stuff. There is a lot of info and resources listed at wb4hfn.com.



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