Brett, there is probably nothing wrong with the rig. In all likelihood, you 
have inadvertently tuned to the carrier oscillator at 5.645-MHz. Try again with 
the RX Preselector and the TX RF Tune in the 40M marks on the front panel.
73,Bob K9JU

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  1. Still toying with C Twins (Brett Forehand)


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Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2017 17:06:40 +0000 (UTC)
From: Brett Forehand <>
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Subject: [Drakelist] Still toying with C Twins
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Hi folks, I have a C line T4XC/R4C "twin" set.? Haven't fiddled with it in 
quite some time, and typically the most power I can get on any band when tuning 
up "properly" is about 20 watts.? I recently tuned up on my dummy load on 40 
meters, and noticed that if I tuned the T4XC "RF Tune" knob for 80 meters, the 
voltage came up on the rigs meter, and the power came up to full output 
(100-110 watts) via my Palstar meter.? ? This is with the T4XC and R4C both 
tuned to 40 meters on the band switch.? Not sure why this would happen, but I 
have a fellow ham that is willing to take a stab at aligning the rig.? Just 
hoping to have some ideas to point us in the right direction.? Any suggestions?
73,Brett K5WXP
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