Hi Kim,

The JDBI documentation <http://jdbi.org> briefly mentions dynamic inserts 
and queries, but the documentation is unfortunately sparse and incomplete. 
Basically, while most of the examples show SQL queries created using @SqlQuery 
annotations with @Bind to bind input values, if you need to create the 
query on the fly you can explicitly makes these calls in regular Java like 

    public List<String> *getNames*(*final* *int* minCredits, *final* String 
type) {

       *final* DBI dbi = *new* DBI("jdbc:h2:mem:test");

       *try* (Handle h = dbi.open()) {

           String sql = "select name from Customers where credits >= 

           *if* (type != *null*) {

               sql += " and type = :type";


           *final* Query<Map<String, Object>> q = h.createQuery(sql);

           q.bind("minCredits", minCredits);

           *if* (type != *null*) {

               q.bind("type", type);


           *final* List<String> names = q.map(StringColumnMapper.*INSTANCE*

           *return* names;



This allows you to create the query based on a dynamic list of parameters. 
I hope this helps.

On Friday, October 14, 2016 at 4:15:11 PM UTC-4, Kim Kantola wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am new to JDBI.  I have seen several simple examples of annotating a DAO 
> with a query like "Select * from tableName where id=?".
> Could someone point me to documentation for more complex queries such as 
> searching by a dynamic list of parameters?  For example, a user can search 
> by name, age, id, height, etc, but I am unaware until runtime which 
> combination of these search parameters may come in to my search method.  I 
> may not get a search value for age, and so do not need to bind anything to 
> the search query for that.
> Any pointers appreciated,
> ~Kim

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