Hi all,

DSpace 5.5
Tomcat 7
Apache 2.2
PostGreSQL 9.2

I'm new to the XMLUI. I want to use a new message key in a template. I have 
put the following in [dspace]/webapps/xmlui/i18n/messages.xml:

<message key="xmlui.new.key">NewValue</message>

I have then added the following to 

<xsl:variable name="myVar"><i18n:text>xmlui.new.key
<form ... action="{$myVar}/subdir" ...>

but in the HTML output I just get:

<form ... action="xmlui.new.key/subdir" ...>

(NB: [dspace] is the dspace runtime directory - I'm just trying this stuff 
live so I don't have to go through the recompile while I'm developing this 
small piece of functionality)

What am I doing wrong?


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