While upgrading our repository we initially built DSpace-6.0 but it was 
unable to fully ingest
the legacy postgres database used by the older DSpace-3.1 system. We were 
told we'd need
to first install DSpace-3.x, upgrade that to DSpace-5.x, then upgrade to 

So we built a DSpace-3.6 system and it was able to read the DSpace-3.1 
database. We then
built a DSpace-5.5 system with a copy of the entire database. All seemed 
well at first but on
closer inspection it's doing the same thing as our original DSpace-6.0 
system - ignoring most
of the database. The manual says DSpace will automatically fix the database 
or that the
'dspace database migrate' command will accomplish this. Neither seems to 
have had any
effect. I'm scanning through logfiles to see if it silently told me that 
something went wrong.

I know other DSpace users have successfully upgraded from DSpace-3.x to 
DSpace-6.0 so
that's encouraging. Am I missing a step? Do I have install DSpace-4.x 
before DSpace-5.x?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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