Dear Members,

i try to ingest some content with the commandline tool "dspace import".

I want to ingest the content via the Simple Archive Format

The ingest is started with

dspace@server> dspace import -a -e -s . -m mapfile.
No collections given. Assuming 'collections' file inside item directory
Adding items from directory: .
Generating mapfile: mapfile
Processing collections file: collections

The content of the collection file is "123456789/9".

When i start the ingest, the process throws a NullPointerException but
if i use the -c option with the collection_id from the file it works.

I use the debugger to find the cause of the exception. The method
addItem(Context c, Collection[] mycollections, String path, String
itemname, PrintWriter mapOut, boolean template) throws Exception) in the
package throws the exception.
I determine that the method addItem is called with the parameter
mycollections = null but if i use the -c option the parameter holds the

I add at line 736 the statement mycollections = clist. After this change
the process behave like -c option is set.

My questions are:
Is this a bug and should i report it?
Has my fix some side effects?

Thanks in advance,

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