Hi Claudia,

On 03/08/15 11:16, Claudia Jürgen wrote:
> yes this is right. If you enable the identifier service this will only
> cover new items.
> Assuming you are using the DataCite Connector,  the easiest way would be
> to manipulate the database (usual warnings about that) to give the old
> items the status of newly items in archive:
> INSERT into doi (doi_id, doi, resource_type_id, resource_id, status)
> SELECT nextval('doi_seq'),
> concat('YOURPREFIX/YOURNAMESPACESEPARATOR-',currval('doi_seq')), 2, item_id, 
> 7 FROM item
> WHERE in_archive=true and item_id not in (select resource_id from doi where 
> resource_type_id=2);
> Then the cron job for the usual doi-organiser commands will pick up the job.

Perfect, thanks a lot for that!

> I've just been investigating the use of doi's for us. There are a couple of 
> issues with it, especially the datacite connector crosswalk and data 
> provider, see the latest JIRA issues.
> At the moment with datacite the update of metadata does not work among other 
> things.

Good to know; I had seen some DOI-related Jira issues come through but 
I'll make sure to review them in more detail. Yes, we'll be using 
DataCite; luckily with this particular repository, we're not really 
expecting metadata changes once the submission is completed.


Dr Andrea Schweer
IRR Technical Specialist, ITS Information Systems
The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

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