Hi Claudia, Hi Andrea,

> On 03/08/15 1:48 AM, Andrea Schweer wrote:
> > On 03/08/15 11:16, Claudia Jürgen wrote:
> > yes this is right. If you enable the identifier service this will only
> > cover new items.
> > Assuming you are using the DataCite Connector,  the easiest way would
> > be to manipulate the database (usual warnings about that) to give the
> > old items the status of newly items in archive:
> > INSERT into doi (doi_id, doi, resource_type_id, resource_id, status)
> > SELECT nextval('doi_seq'),
> >
> > concat('YOURPREFIX/YOURNAMESPACESEPARATOR-',currval('doi_seq')), 2,
> > item_id, 7 FROM item WHERE in_archive=true and item_id not in (select
> > resource_id from doi where resource_type_id=2);
> >
> > Then the cron job for the usual doi-organiser commands will pick up the
> job.
> Perfect, thanks a lot for that!

It should be easy to add a command in the doi-organiser that adds those entries 
into the database. I just didn't had the use case and the time. ;-)

> > I've just been investigating the use of doi's for us. There are a couple of
> > issues with it, especially the datacite connector crosswalk and data 
> > provider,
> > see the latest JIRA issues.
> > At the moment with datacite the update of metadata does not work
> > among other things.

Thanks for reporting those issues! It worked fine once and is still working 
here (highly patched DSpace 4). I hope I find some time to look into those, but 
no promises...


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