Hi Andrea and Pascal,

it's on my todo-list too to add it to the doi-organiser, but low. Done 
the fixes for the provider though and going to make a patch for these, 
as soon as I got the doi stuff locally running.

At the moment the crosswalk itself needs a bit more work.
Run it with ~16.000 documents on the test.datacite.org site and it 
produced a lot of errors, especially with regards to maxOccurences 
(never checked in our existing crosswalk), required attributes etc. 
Nearly fixed these too and going to test it again.

I only wonder whether we should make corrections to the 2.2 kernel or 
rather 3.1 which is the preferred version from DataCite:
or both 2.2 for existing DSpace versions and 3.1 for future release?

Btw DataCite flags (for oai harvesters) data with the flag "reference 
quality". Does anyone know the quality creteria for this flag, could not 
find it in their documentation?

Sunny Greetings


Am 04.08.2015 um 01:47 schrieb Andrea Schweer:
> Hi Pascal,
> On 03/08/15 21:04, Becker, Pascal-Nicolas wrote:
>> On 03/08/15 1:48 AM, Andrea Schweer wrote:
>>>> On 03/08/15 11:16, Claudia Jürgen wrote:
>>>> yes this is right. If you enable the identifier service this will only
>>>> cover new items.
>>>> Assuming you are using the DataCite Connector,  the easiest way would
>>>> be to manipulate the database (usual warnings about that) to give the
>>>> old items the status of newly items in archive:
>>>> INSERT into doi (doi_id, doi, resource_type_id, resource_id, status)
>>>> SELECT nextval('doi_seq'),
>>>> concat('YOURPREFIX/YOURNAMESPACESEPARATOR-',currval('doi_seq')), 2,
>>>> item_id, 7 FROM item WHERE in_archive=true and item_id not in (select
>>>> resource_id from doi where resource_type_id=2);
>>>> Then the cron job for the usual doi-organiser commands will pick up
>>>> the job.
>>>> Perfect, thanks a lot for that!
>> It should be easy to add a command in the doi-organiser that adds
>> those entries into the database. I just didn't had the use case and
>> the time. ;-)
> All good :) It just wasn't obvious to me from the documentation. Perhaps
> I'll have the time to change the docs / add this functionality to
> doi-organiser, but no promises -- I have the use case but not
> necessarily the time...
> cheers,
> Andrea

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