I have a duet system that has been in storage for several years.  I set
it up about two weeks ago and the receiver is working fine but the
controller wouldn't boot.  I know the receiver is working because I can
use a mobile app on my phone to play music through the receiver without
any issues.  However, the controller still doesn't seem to be working.

If I open the battery compartment and re-seat the battery I see a white
LED go on and off.  I found some information about doing a reset of the
controller by holding down + while pressing the home button.  When I do
that the lights behind buttons on the front of the controller light up
but the device never boots.  I even ordered and installed a new Logitech
OEM battery but still no luck.

I thought that maybe the controller was booting but the display was just
was broken.  However, even after I try the reset procedure above, none
of the buttons do anything when I look at the player via the web
interface on the PC running Logitech Media Server.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting further?

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