BosseJ wrote: 
> Yes, you should definitely enter the IP-address of some DNS-server there
> since you have a manually set static IP for the NAS. Mask and Gateway
> seems to be set so these should not be a problem (the mask is usually
> for a normal LAN and Gateway is the IP-address of your
> internet router).
> You can try these settings for DNS:
> 1)  (Googles public DNS; usually very fast and responsive)
> 2) your Gateway's IP-address
> Probably both works.

Yes DNS should not be blank ! Without DNS the machine can only find
stuff by ip number not names .

DNS can be your gateway aka routers ip usually this is good as most
routers do DNS forwarding .
You can set DNS for the whole network in one place.

Googles dns server as sugested .

Your ISP’s DNS server., check in your router or run ip comfig command in
a dos window on your pc.

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