I've just pushed a new version of libdwarf/dwarfdump to sourceforge.
I mention this here  because at least one compiler version is emitting
an incorrect .debug_str_offsets section (I believe).

You can get the source with
   git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/libdwarf/code

The new  dwarfdump option --print-str-offsets
will cause dwarfdump to access new libdwarf functions to
print   the DWARF5 .debug_str_offsets data (headers and everything)
independently of any other

The example I have in hand (the only one so far) seems to have
the content of the section a bit wrong: the header of the only
table in it has an incorrect length value.  Dwarfdump and
libdwarf report the apparent botch.  Hmm.
The compiler creating  this example may have
already been fixed (I don't know).

Any smallish object files with DWARF5 .debug_str_offsets that
can be put into the public regression tests base would be most
welcome.  Especially one with multiple headers, such as
would most likely be created by a link step.

For information:
and click on Work In Progress for what has
happened recently.

Regrettably, at present using cmake to build is not
working.    We hope to fix that before long.
    ./configure ; make
works, of course.


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