Does your example have a DW_AT_producer string by chance?

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> I've just pushed a new version of libdwarf/dwarfdump to sourceforge.
> I mention this here  because at least one compiler version is emitting
> an incorrect .debug_str_offsets section (I believe).
> You can get the source with
>    git clone git://
> The new  dwarfdump option --print-str-offsets
> will cause dwarfdump to access new libdwarf functions to
> print   the DWARF5 .debug_str_offsets data (headers and everything)
> independently of any other
> section.
> The example I have in hand (the only one so far) seems to have
> the content of the section a bit wrong: the header of the only
> table in it has an incorrect length value.  Dwarfdump and
> libdwarf report the apparent botch.  Hmm.
> The compiler creating  this example may have
> already been fixed (I don't know).
> Any smallish object files with DWARF5 .debug_str_offsets that
> can be put into the public regression tests base would be most
> welcome.  Especially one with multiple headers, such as
> would most likely be created by a link step.
> For information:
> and click on Work In Progress for what has
> happened recently.
> Regrettably, at present using cmake to build is not
> working.    We hope to fix that before long.
>     ./configure ; make
> works, of course.
> DavidA.
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