On 04/16/2018 09:01 AM, David Blaikie wrote:
> Adding a few folks working on Clang's DWARF5 functionality to see if
> this is a known bug (David Anderson mentioned it may've come from
> Clang r327823) and/or has been fixed.
> Perhaps a minimal example that produces this behavior/bug would be
> useful for David to have (not sure if he wants/needs it if this is
> already fixed and was never released in an official clang release? David?)

An example .o with this fixed would be great,
I would put it into libdwarf regression tests.

Need not be from any official release.
Need not even be correct :-)
I don't need the source code producing the example
nor do I need instructions on how to create the
object file.

I accept DWARF (and want  DWARF5) examples,
whether examples with correct or incorrect DWARF.
Object files  that provide something new (such
as DWARF5-only features) or
interesting in DWARF become part of the publicly available
libdwarf regression test base.

David Anderson

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