2008/12/13 henry atting <nspm...@literaturlatenight.de>:
> - A `make clean install' does install dwm but it cannot read from stdin
>  which prevents me from displaying time and date on the toolbar.
>        config.h:15: warning: 'readin' defined but not used

See the README file for an example, the status text is set using
xsetroot(1) now.

> - I found a patch for cycling through tags in this group but it is for
>  dwm-5.2 and apparently does not work for 5.4. How can I set up cycling
>  through tags for 5.4?

The tagging approach didn't change between 5.2 and 5.4, so I assume
it's just a matter of making the 5.2 patch applying to the 5.4

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