Zitat - Brendan MacDonell * Sa Dez 13 2008 um 19:42 -

> On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 2:26 PM, henry atting
> <nspm...@literaturlatenight.de> wrote:
>> Patching works without problems but I get this warnings:
>>        dwm.c:1640: warning: 'viewnext' defined but not used
>>        dwm.c:1657: warning: 'viewprevious' defined but not used
>> And, what should I say, it *is* not used ;)
>> henry
> That's because you haven't bound those functions to any keys in your
> config.h. ;)

Oops, sure! 

Thanks to all. I'm really glad I switched from awesome to dwm. If I had
knewn it before it would have spared me some trouble...


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