Bob's post on about-to-expire IRC's just got me thinking...

How do QSL managers handle incoming IRC's & GS's?

In other words, when I send a manager an envelope containing a request, is it 
opened right away and any cash or IRC's removed (and duly noted, of course), or 
are the $$ etc. left in place until the actual processing of the requested QSL 

I know this may sound like a "dumb" question -- and yes, I know every manager 
has their own way of doing things, so YMMV & VWPBL(STn) -- but the upcoming 
expiration date on the 1st Generation "New" IRC's makes me wonder.  I don't 
want to put Bob (or another QSL manager) to the trouble and bother of selling & 
sending me IRC's if, by the time the receiving QSL Manager gets his hands on 
them to exchange for postage, they will have already expired.  

OTOH, it beats arguing with the local bank branch about needing more than 1 or 
2 $2 bills at a time... or at least crisp $1 bills... especially when sending 
to a manager that wants 2 IRC's or US$3 for postage due to currency exchange 
fluctuations... (you wouldn't believe how many teller lectures I've gotten over 
the years on the dangers of sending cash through the mail.  *sigh*)


73, ron w3wn

Date: 2006/10/06 Fri AM 10:00:15 CDT
Subject: [DX-NEWS] IRC's For Sale

N2OO has a limited number IRCs for sale. All are large-sized IRCs which expire 
Dec 31, 2006. $1.05 each. Minimum quantity: 10.
IRCs will be sent postpaid USA (regular mail). PayPal accepted. Contact Bob 
N2OO mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] for more information.
73! Bob N2OO

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