Just got off the phone with N3ZK.

*phew*  The tower showed up today.  Thank goodness!  Inspection (and yes,
they very carefully inspected it) showed that some bolts were missing, and
there's a question about the winch, but that's all being taken care of.  The
actual tower appears unscathed.

But... well, Randy gets a call from someone in his company's warehouse
around 11 this morning informing him that Roadway's driver has shown up with
the tower.  At 11:30, just as he's completing the inspection, he gets a
shout from one of the warehouse managers.  Randy is informed that the
manager has just gotten off the phone with Roadway, and THEY STILL DON'T
KNOW WHERE THE TOWER IS!!  Then the manager asks him, "by the way, what are
you doing here in the warehouse?"  Randy points to the truck and crate and
informs him, "That's Roadway's truck, and there's the tower, they just
delivered it!"

As of 4:00, Roadway STILL has no clue where the tower is, and allegedly is
frantically making phone calls trying to track it down.  5 hours AFTER
delivery.  Inspires confidence, doesn't it?

Anyway, all is well.  The tower is now safely in storage at a club member's
QTH, and the trailer is due to be delivered within a few days.  We may yet
have everything assembled in time for the club hamfest on February 25th --
no antennas yet, but it'll still look impressive, we hope!  (Antennas should
be there by Field Day... and we can mount the HexBeam on it in a pinch...)

Thanks for all the shipping stories, both here on the reflector and in

73, ron w3wn

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