I have been privately blasted by a small number of amateurs over my reply
comments earlier tonight.

Apparantly these few feel that I am casting aspersions upon most or all KH6
amateurs because a number choose to use QSL managers.  And an apology has
been demanded by several of these.

Now... I am far from perfect, and I make more than my share of mistakes.
But I don't understand why commenting on the fact that several KH6 based
amateurs... to say nothing of those in KP2, KP4, KH0, KH2, etc... choose to
use a QSL manager warrants an apology.  Let's be honest... QSL'ing can be a
chore, especially for more active stations and for stations sought after.
That's why some amateurs choose to use a QSL manager.  Others, like myself,
look for ways to automate and otherwise streamline the process.  Personally,
I consider it something that comes with the territory, but I do not expect
everyone to feel that way.

It is unfortunate in this case that the station that W2LO worked uses an
overseas manager.  Why that station chooses to do so is something I lack
sufficient information to directly comment on, so I would give the benefit
of the doubt and assume there's a good reason.  And I can certainly
understand why he is less than thrilled with sending a QSL request overseas
when the station is located within the US, as it is a higher expense.  Which
is why I suggested he try direct with a "just sign this" card; whether or
not it works, well, we'll see.

But, how that casts aspersions on all KH6 amateurs?  That I don't follow.

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