>Inexperienced operators belong
>on low rate bands (e.g., 10 meters, 6 meters) at the end of an
>operation not on prime bands the first day of an operation - if
>they belong on an operation of this size in the first place.

I don't think that's really fair.  I think for an inexperienced op she
was doing quite a good job.

Now there's another op who has a problem... he called EU only by
numbers... I had great hope, he did #1-#6 EU only holding it very
well... even-handedly switching numbers... EU ONLY EU ONLY, no
problem... then he got to #7 and started taking U.S.A. stations.... he
just worked ONLY USA STATIONS and is now on to #8.

What do the #7,#8, #9, and #0 Europe stations do next time ?

Maybe he's also an inexperienced op?  Harder to tell which one he is...

Now they've done an op switch without even getting to #9 and #0 at all


I think all DXpeditions need to do with inexperienced ops is say
"look, don't try anything tricky, just pull callsigns out and stick
with them until you've got the QSO.  Make sure you end with XX6YY
thank you TI9KK QRZ?"

I'm sure comments of "don't criticize, it's not your money it's not
your operation you're lazy in your chair on the internet" etc etc are
due my way at this point, but all of these problems should be
avoidable with a little briefing.

The ops I've heard so far are not bungling much and are maintaining a
reasonable rate... a simple "do NOT run by numbers" from the team
leaders would have avoided a lot of strife!

The 9's and zeros around the whole world and the 7's and 8's in Europe
just got stiffed on 17.

If the replacement op comes back on and starts on ones again it's
going to be bedlam ;-)


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