I fannaly got the correct information from Wayne Mills. All you other folk left 
out all information I need. You only supplied part 
of the info.
TO make this transaction:
1. go to the 706T web page.
2. under log put in your call and the chart with your Qs come up
3. Scroll to the bottom of that page and there is a chart with all your Qs
4. Fill in the QSO info for each Q.
5. Finalize the page and submit.
6. click Checkout and paypal will come up where you can make a $3.50 Donation 
or more which I did.
7. print your receipt.

If all the info I got had all thes stepts and not have directed me to QSL and 
Support. I could have done this sooner.
BTW I was filling out the QSO information and we had a Thunderstorm and lost 
power for 2 hrs. and I had to re-enter the data again.
Thanks for all your support and especially to Wayne Mills.

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