Well I'll put my initial answer in, short of having any reasonable
information at hand on a specific currency!

** Maybe some time between *already* and two years, if we are talking about
Papua New Guinea KINA! Of course, any currency that is traded in cash cannot
have an exact knowable figure for the volume of daily transactions, ...
unlike e-gold, that is traded through the e-gold site.

Ian Green
e-gold account: 107242.

on 3/3/01 4:03 pm, Jeff Fitzmyers at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> A simple linear regression results in y=ax+b
> y=3396x + 1380028
> ((1.3e10 - 1380028)/3396)/365 = 10,000 years
> Right now daily e-gold turnover is 0.01% (one one hundredth of a percent) of
> Canadian dollar turnover. That's pretty good considering.
>> Well, we have ONE answer in for the stats contest!  Not the longest
>> answer, but that will win it if it's the only one!
>>> Hello
>>> Answer to your contest question - Some time between 8 and 9 months
>>> from now.  -Barb
>>> jic>         "When will the daily transaction volume
>>> jic>         of e-gold first begin to rival the daily
>>> jic>         transaction volume of one of the smaller
>>> jic>         national currencies?"

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