Generating a 400Hz sound is feasible with e-puck. Works fine. I guess the
error is still in the generation of the samples.

It might be inspiring the matlab script I made to transform a wav to .s :


is the script I used for the Christmas demo (news of december2008 on


have fun with e-puck,



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Hmm, maybe I've misunderstood something somewhere along the way. Middle C is
400Hz so I was creating a sine wave that repeats 400 times across the 7200
samples that make up one second on the epuck. Is this approach wrong ? I
wouldn't've thought that middle-c qualified as particularly low, certainly
not sub-woofer territory ! :-)


2009/9/16 Michael Bonani <michael.bon...@epfl.ch>



I have not the ideal solution but my first impression is that the sound is
saturating; your sinus becomes a scare wave and so buzz. Try to reduce the
amplitude of your sinus. 

There is than an analogue amplifier that wills amplify your sinus. (If I
remember it is 4.7 time). 


Also the speaker size of the e-puck is more usable for high frequency, it is
not a subwoofer.




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Hey folks,

  I'm trying to get my epucks to make sounds. I think I've got everything
set up right except the e_const_sound.s file. I'm trying to get the pucks to
generate a clear tone and what I get is, well raspy is the best word I can
think of. It sounds more like a buzz than a clear tone.

  I'm trying to populate the e_const_sound.s file by generating a set of
7200 values based on a sine wave (to give a one second sound). I am trying
to use a sine wave of frequency 400Hz across those values, converting them
to q15 format. I get the raspy/buzz sound. If I increase the frequency the
sound does get clearer but by the time its clear it is also painfully high

  So I guess I've a few questions. Is the buzz the best I can hope for at
low frequencies ? If not then am I on the right track with the sine wave ?
Or Am I completely wrong ?



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