Duarte, you could save time if you start from a working program. Matlab communication including pictures exists. BTcom and other programs, already answers to image requests from a PC. so you do not need to modify the e-puck code. You can optimize and personalize it after all works.
the svn snapshot that sergi pointed out is one source:
http://www.e-puck.org/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=category&id=11:library&Itemid=38 <http://www.e-puck.org/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=category&id=11:library&Itemid=38>
otherwise the svn itself
or the wiki on GCtronic
and matlab interface:

Some answers to your questions:
Starting from e-puck 1500 the camera is a po6060.
The driver is only available for "fast_2_timer".
Empty buffer probably shows that the camera is used fully correctly. thus it is advised to start with a proven working program.

Thanks Sergi for your answers and propositions.

good luck,

On 28.02.2011 19:26, Duarte Dias wrote:
I was using the fast_2_timer library. When I switch to the slow_3_timer library a buffer is effectively transfered throught the bluetooth. But this buffer consists of a vector of zeros, no matter the color environment the e-puck camera is looking at. I switch to the poxxxx library. The thing is the poxxxx library only exists on the fast_2_timer. The problems are the same (with the fast_2_timer we have a rebooting loop and with slow_3_timer we have a buffer of zeros). With the search I did through the poxxxx library code, I understanded that this library has the two models of the camera (3030 and 6030) included, and the interface just acts as a switcher between the two of them. When I init the camera, the model of the camera is calculated and stored in a variable. The general functions just use that variable as a switch between the functions of the two models, thus choosing allways the right function regardless of the model we are in.
What I don't understand:
1 - why do the fast_2_timer library doesn't work (regardless the model I have)? 2 - what is the difference between fast_2_timer library and slow_3_timer library? 3 - why do the slow_3_timer doesn't have a poxxxx interface and there is no library for the model 6030?
4 - why do I get a buffer with zeros with the fast_2_timer library?
5 - where is the slow_3_timer library for the po6030 model?
6 - in the site you told me to download the libraries there are two files with the same description:
               epucklib.zip (only have model 3030)
e-puck-latest-svn-trunk.tar.gz (have the models 3030, 6030 and a the model switcher xxxx) why the first is not updated? Because I started to download that one thus never heard of the poxxxx library before ONE MORE THING: I'm not building my application on the library projects. I just take the .c and .h I need and do my own project. In the fast_2_timer library, e_interrupt.s and cam_fast.a are not included - are these files important? The project compiles!
Sry for the length of the mail
2011/2/28 Sergi Torrellas <storrel...@bdigital.org <mailto:storrel...@bdigital.org>>

    Here you have:


    Sorry for the misunderstanding ...
    There are many examples there that can help you.


    2011/2/28 Duarte Dias <duartecdiasp...@gmail.com

        Sorry Sergi but I don't understand what librarys you want me
        to download. Was the link u sent suppose to direct me to the
        libraries? because instead I just go to a Apach Server
        Debugging Page.

        2011/2/28 Sergi Torrellas <storrel...@bdigital.org

            Hi Duarte,

            The po3030K or po6060k are the model of the integrated
            camera of the e-puck. However, it exists generic calls
            independent of the camera model. Something like:
            -160)/2,(ARRAY_HEIGHT-160)/2, 160,160,4,4,RGB_565_MODE);

            Try to have a look at the examples that come with the
            library downloadable from e-puck.org <http://e-puck.org/>.


            2011/2/28 Duarte Dias <duartecdiasp...@gmail.com

                I am very dum in camera concepts
                I don't know what is the diference of a po3030 and
                po6060. I heard the term po6060 but don't know what it is.
                If it is this the problem what should I do? I presume
                there is a po6060 camera library but I don't have it
                on the downloaded libraries.
                Thx for the reply

                2011/2/28 Sergi Torrellas <storrel...@bdigital.org


                    Are you sure you have a po3030 or a po6060?


                    2011/2/28 Duarte Dias <duartecdiasp...@gmail.com

                        I'm trying to extract an image from the epuck
                        camera to the matlab using the bluetooth
                        I based the image extraction on the first
                        example of the e_po3030k.h, and used the uart
                        interface to transfer the buffer, containing
                        the image, from the e-puck to the matlab. All
                        the libraries (matlab-uart and camera) were
                        retreived from the epuck
                        The code is the following:
                        #include "e_uart_char.h"
                        #include "e_init_port.h"
                        #include "e_po3030k.h"
                        #include "matlab.h"
                        //buffer containing the image
                        char buffer[2*40*40];

                        int main(void)
                            //begining of the program
                            //configuring the camera

                            //?????dont know what is this??????
                            //start capturing the image
                            //after launching the image capture - the
                        e-puck arrives to this stage
                            //wait for the image to be captured and
                        the data is on the buffer
                            //when the image is ready to be sent -
                        E-PUCK NEVER ARRIVES TO THIS STAGE
                            //sending the data to MATLAB - 40*40
                        RGB565 (16 bits-2 bytes) picture
                            //wait for the epuck to send the data
                            return 0;
                        I can compile it and upload it to the e-puck.
                        But when the e-pucks boots, it seems that it
                        stays stuck on a resetting and booting loop. I
                        can see this because of the checkpoints I put
                        the in the program.
                        The e-puck keeps repeatedly printing
                        CHECKPOINT1 and CHECKPOINT2 and never arrives
                        to CHECKPOINT 3. I tried to issuie CHECKPOINT2
                        after a certain time has passed (with a
                        timer). It's seems that after a few seconds
                        (1/2 seconds) of delay the program starts only
                        issueing CHECKPOINT1, so I presume the
                        rebooting ocurres somewhere arround that delay.
                        I can't seem to get arround this problem.
                        Could someone please help?

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