Dear Junchuan,

first of all check that the Bluetooth connection is actually working. Use a terminal program (e.g. teraterm for Windows or miniterm for Linux) and open the connection with the robot, put selector in position 3 and asks for some sensors data (e.g. n+enter will return the proximity values). If it works then the Bluetooth communication and the robot firmware are ok, otherwise try uploading the standard firmware to the e-puck ( and try again.

To control the robot from the computer the "asercom protocol" is used, have a look at this page An example application is the "monitor application", have a look here

If you are looking for a good simulator you can rely on Webots ( that supports the e-puck robot. With this simulator you have the option of simulating the code and simultaneously send commands to the robot (what you are asking for).

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Il 29.07.2016 01:42, Junchuan Zhang ha scritto:
Dear all,

Is there a tutorial or a brief way I can control e-puck directly from the computer? Here's my goal: I hope I can control the motion of the robot in real-time with a simulation running on.

I have already tried the library for communicating with Matlab, but it failed. No commands would go into the e-puck, neither any data can be read from the e-puck. When I wanted to read the data, (with the function [data] = EpuckGetData() in Matlab library), there was always a warning: The specified amount of data was not returned within the Timeout period.

If anyone can help me that would be very great. I've been stuck here for a month.

Thank you very much!





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