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On 13/10/16 14:39, André Gemünd wrote:
Hi Ward,

sorry for interfering with this thread, but *is* there actually a global config 
file? I asked this some time ago on the ml, and as far as I remember there are 
only local config files ($XDG_...), no global config e.g. under the 
installation prefix.

See http://easybuild.readthedocs.io/en/latest/Configuration.html#default-configuration-files (and the demo available at http://easybuild.readthedocs.io/en/latest/demos/configuring.html).

By default, EasyBuild will consider /etc/easybuild.d/*.cfg, but it's true you can override this via $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS .

If that's an issue, we can certainly consider having a hardcoded location in there that can not be tweaked, if this is desirable...




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On 13-10-16 13:48, Ole Holm Nielsen wrote:
I would like to enable the EB/Lmod modules to all users in a global
bash/tcsh setup script.  On CentOS 7.2 initialization is done using
scripts in /etc/profile.d/

Basically I want every user shell to execute these commands:

export EASYBUILD_PREFIX=/home/modules
module use $EASYBUILD_PREFIX/modules/all
module load EasyBuild
The settings you can put in a global config file? Much safer then
environment variables.

For loading Easybuild by default, I would use a Lmod default collection.


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