On 10/13/2016 05:01 PM, Kenneth Hoste wrote:
The recommended line "module --initial_load restore" generates an
unwarranted message:

The system default contains no modules
  (env var: LMOD_SYSTEM_DEFAULT_MODULES is empty)
  No changes in loaded modules

so I got rid of it by commenting this line out.

Well, you need to define $LMOD_SYSTEM_DEFAULT_MODULES :)

Do I really *need* to?  What's the point, and what should I do then?

If you define $LMOD_SYSTEM_DEFAULT_MODULES=EasyBuild, then you (or your
users) can easily restore after purge using 'module restore'.

I'm probably doing something wrong, but if I define LMOD_SYSTEM_DEFAULT_MODULES before setting up EB,

if [ -z "$__Init_Default_Modules" ]; then
   export __Init_Default_Modules=1
   module --initial_load restore
   export EASYBUILD_PREFIX=/home/modules
   module use $EASYBUILD_PREFIX/modules/all
   module load EasyBuild

then I get an error:

Lmod has detected the following error: The following module(s) are unknown: "EasyBuild"

Please check the spelling or version number. Also try "module spider ..."

So is there a Catch-22 situation here?

One thing that comes to mind: do all your users have access to
/home/modules ($EASYBUILD_PREFIX)?

Yes, I've NFS-mounted /home/modules (a CPU-architecture dependent tree for different Xeon versions) globally, and the directory is world-readable.


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