Well, alternatively you can add the dependencies to EASYBUILD_HIDE_DEPS and 
have something like 
EASYBUILD_HIDE_DEPS="ANTLR,ATK,Autoconf,Automake,Bison,etc”, and those 
dependencies will be always hidden (so don’t install them directly, or do it 
with --hidden). If the version number and the suffix of your installed hidden 
dependencies match the dependencies of the easyconfigs you want to install then 
it will work just fine.


On 04/08/16 08:58, "easybuild-requ...@lists.ugent.be on behalf of Markus 
Geimer" <easybuild-requ...@lists.ugent.be on behalf of m.gei...@fz-juelich.de> 

    > The most logical way of doing so seems to be by creating hidden
    > modules for the dependencies we don't want the users to see. However,
    > when installing other easyconfig packages from the default easyconfig
    > files they cannot see the hidden modules and try to install them again.
    > Is there a way to tell EB to automatically look for hidden packages
    > without modifying the easyconfig files?
    At this point not, unfortunately.  A corresponding issue has
    been created already quite some time ago [1], but since then
    hasn't received much attention.  Since I'm very interested in
    this feature as well and would like to see it implemented
    rather sooner than later, I recently started looking into it.
    But I'm still far from a clean and working solution -- though
    Kenneth claims that it shouldn't be too hard...  But that's
    what he is saying all the time ;-)
    [1] https://github.com/hpcugent/easybuild-framework/issues/1079
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