I provide them for all sorts of toolchains, preparing them with 
`--try-toolchain` from one of the existing ones instead of upstreaming them.
They are very handy if you ever have end-user builds of software outside of EB.

// Lars Viklund
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On 11-07-18 13:27, Caspar van Leeuwen wrote:
 > Curious to hear what you (and others) think. Also, apart from Juelich,
 > are other institutes running into the same problems that we are, and is
 > are the buildenv blocks/configs also the way they solve it? For
 > uniformity and reusability of EasyBlocks/Configs I think it would be
 > good if 'we, the community' adopt a uniform solution for this issue.

Judging by the fact that there's only buildenv modules for three intel
toolchains (and none for e.g. foss) I guess these aren't actually used
that much and/or only in very specific circumstances?



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