California Amphibian and Parasite Field Technician

The Johnson Laboratory ( is accepting a 
qualified amphibian field technician to assist in the field in the beautiful 
Bay Area of California beginning in May and concluding in August 2019. 

The Johnson laboratory has made it our mission to sincerely commit to promoting 
diversity! This search is open to all candidates from any race, color, 
religion, ethnic, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, 
disability, age, or veteran status especially those from underrepresented 
groups in science.

The Johnson Laboratory is accepting a full-time qualified field crew technician 
to assist in the field sampling season and laboratory analysis in the Bay Area 
of California beginning in May and concluding near the end of August 2019. The 
primary responsibilities of this individual will be to perform an in-depth 
field sampling protocol focusing on amphibians, fish and invertebrates within 
pond ecosystems. This will include (i) macro and micro identification of 
amphibians, fish, invertebrates, and parasites (10%) (ii) performing field 
sampling techniques such as but not limited to: dipnet, seine, visual survey, 
pathogen swabbing, and transects (40%), (iii) necropsy of freshwater snails for 
parasite isolation (40%), and (iiii) data entry (10%). In addition, these 
individuals will be expected to assist with equipment maintenance and 
disinfection. Salary will be based on experience ($12.50-14.00 per hour).  
Housing at field station is required however fee will be covered by the 

To apply for our amphibian field technician position email an application 
package that should include (i) a cover letter that states your specific 
necropsy experiences, previous scientific research experiences, a statement of 
how you will support diversity and inclusion in our team, and why you would 
like to work for the Johnson Laboratory specifically, (ii) a current CV (iii), 
contact information for three professional references (include email and phone 
number) and your availability for a start date (must be able to start by May 
10th 2019).  Please send the compiled application package into a PDF (one 
document) and email to with the position title “CA 
Field Technician” in the subject line by February 11, 2019. 

Reply via email to