On 22 September 2016 at 15:30, valerij zaporogeci <vlrzpr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> In the ARM architecture, there is such a thing - "flat mapping", where
> MMU stage 1 is disabled and the mapping done is 1:1 and attributes set
> to the predefined values.

What do you mean by 'attributes set to the predefined values' ?

> Did I understand right, that this is NOT what UEFI means by "identity
> mapping" with MMU enabled? And in the latter case there is need to
> create all those page tables and stuff, setting 1:1 mapping between VA
> and PA? If so, why to do that? Why "flat mapping" isn't what UEFI
> would love to see as its mapping regime?

On ARM, you need to enable the MMU in order to enable the Dcache.
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