Thanks for your verification.  This issue has been fixed in the latest 
version of Could you try again?

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>Subject: Re: [edk2] [RFC] Edk2 BaseTools Python3 Migration Update
>On Tue, Dec 25, 2018 at 07:50:43AM +0000, Gao, Liming wrote:
>> Hi, all
>>   On Python3 migration,
>we update Edk2 BaseTools python source code with the compatible syntax to
>support Python2 and Python3 both. Here is code
> for dry run. To enable Python3,
>you just need to set PYTHON3_ENABLE environment as TRUE, then type
>edksetup.bat/ Without this setting, BaseTools still run with
>Python2. So, there is no change for current usage model with Python27.
>I've built OVMF with both python2 and python3 based on the branch and
>the VM crashed immediately. The only message in the debug log is:
>SecCoreStartupWithStack(0xFFFCC000, 0x820000)
>The result of bisect showed the first bad commit is
> 500aad1a02c5a8c0f208c9422cce19de7d304faa
> BaseTools: Update windows and linux run scripts file to use Python3
>Gary Lin
>>   But, we have no enough resource to fully verify Python2 and Python3 both.
>We will focus on Python3 validation. If anyone can help verify Python2, it will
>be great. And, if you meet with the issue on Python2, please file BZ. We still
>fix them.
>> Thanks
>> Liming
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