On 01/08/19 15:22, Gao, Liming wrote:
> Laszlo:
>   Yes. This can be supported. But, I don't know what purpose to
>   specify python minor version of Python3. Current implementation in
>   Python3 branch always tries to find the high version installed in
>   OS. For example, Python3.4, Python3.7 are both installed, Python3.7
>   will be chosen. Does this policy meet with your usage?

Not really; please see paragraph (c) in my other reply at

The rationale is given in the blog post at
<https://developers.redhat.com/blog/2018/11/14/python-in-rhel-8/>, near
the "platform-python" mentions. Basically the OS should be able to offer
different Python3 installations (at the same time) to end-users and
internally to OS-level packages.


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>> On 01/07/19 14:41, Gao, Liming wrote:
>>> Ray:
>>>  I think this proposal is good to recommend Python3 as the default
>>>  interpreter. I summary the updated proposal.
>>> 1. PYTHON3_ENABLE env is not set. edksetup.bat/edksetup.sh will find
>>> higher version python installed in OS. If Python3 is found, Python3
>>> will be used. Then, if python2 is found, and python2 is used. If not
>>> found, report error and stop build. This will change the default
>>> python interpreter from Python2 to Python3 when they both are
>>> installed.
>>> 2. PYTHON3_EANBLE env is set to TRUE. edksetup.bat/edksetup.sh will
>>> find Python3. If Python3 is found, Python3 will be used. If not
>>> found, report error and stop build.
>>> 3. PYTHON3_ENABLE env is set to not TRUE. edksetup.bat/edksetup.sh
>>> will find Python2. If Python2 is found, Python2 will be used. If not
>>> found, report error and stop build. Once Python is found,
>>> edksetup.bat/edksetup.sh and build tool will both print message to
>>> let user aware which version python tool is used in this build.
>> If we're going for this level of flexibility, I'd like to suggest /
>> request another improvement. Some Linux distros intend to accommodate
>> multiple Python3 versions at the same time (this is not a typo; I
>> don't mean Python2+Python3, but multiple Python3 versions). So
>> basically I'd suggest that we offer a method for specifying a python
>> version (2/3/auto-detect), plus, in case a specific major version is
>> specified, that we allow the user to specify the precise interpreter
>> pathname too.
>> Thanks,
>> Laszlo

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