Hi Everyone,

Appsembler has been working on a project that we're planning to release to 
the whole community that provides lightweight analytics as a pluggable app 
(reusable Django app) in the LMS. This is intended to be used by folks who 
are running their own Open edX instances and want to have site-wide and 
cross-course reporting data without requiring installing their own instance 
of Insights/edx-analytics. We're working on an OEP PR so that we can get 
feedback from the community as we work to release it.

We're also working to make as few changes to edx-platform itself as we can 
to enable this app, which would be enabled/disabled through settings in the 
lms.env.json file.

Here is a link to the Opencraft ed Xchange discussion with the conversation 
and more detail on what we are building:

Would be great to get feedback on the discussion page above (to help 
consolidate feedback)


John Baldwin
Software Engineer, Appsembler

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