Hi John,

Thanks for your offer to help! We're carrying on the conversation 
here: https://edxchange.opencraft.com/t/analytics-lighter-faster-cheaper/202/9

in that forum, I inquired on testing strategies, in particular with 
dependencies on components within edx-platform. Jeremy Bowman replied with 
some info and tips


On Monday, February 26, 2018 at 11:35:47 AM UTC-5, John Mark wrote:
> This sounds great. How can we help you? Specifically, I want to help 
> developers of additional features and their users collaborate on things 
> like this. So, from a web infrastructure PoV, what could we do to 
> facilitate this? To give you an idea, I've put together sites like this one 
> in the past:
> https://depot.manageiq.org/
> Would that be of interest? That would be more long-term, but it's 
> something I'd like to start planning for.
> -JM
> On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 11:41:37 AM UTC-5, John Baldwin wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> Appsembler has been working on a project that we're planning to release 
>> to the whole community that provides lightweight analytics as a pluggable 
>> app (reusable Django app) in the LMS. This is intended to be used by folks 
>> who are running their own Open edX instances and want to have site-wide and 
>> cross-course reporting data without requiring installing their own instance 
>> of Insights/edx-analytics. We're working on an OEP PR so that we can get 
>> feedback from the community as we work to release it.
>> We're also working to make as few changes to edx-platform itself as we 
>> can to enable this app, which would be enabled/disabled through settings in 
>> the lms.env.json file.
>> Here is a link to the Opencraft ed Xchange discussion with the 
>> conversation and more detail on what we are building:
>> https://edxchange.opencraft.com/t/analytics-lighter-faster-cheaper/202
>> Would be great to get feedback on the discussion page above (to help 
>> consolidate feedback)
>> Thanks!
>> -John
>> John Baldwin
>> Software Engineer, Appsembler
>> https://appsembler.com/

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