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On Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 2:04:31 PM UTC-5, John Mark wrote:
> *Friends, Romans, Oxford comma aficionados, and other learned peoples:As I 
> mentioned in my introduction to this list, I’ve been tasked with building 
> out the Open edX community. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work 
> with everyone and build on the great community that you have all worked to 
> establish.  What I want to do next is reboot our online office hours to 
> discuss community-related topics: - Communication pathways: how we interact 
> - Responsiveness: how we take and respond to feedback and contributions- 
> Collaboration: how can we be more transparent and inclusive- Cool stuff: 
> what’s next for Open edX?Once upon a time, we did this on a regular basis, 
> and I want to return to that model. Perhaps we can start once a month or 
> every other week, depending on everyone’s schedules. If needed, we can also 
> have separate special interest groups (SIG’s) to discuss specific topics in 
> more detail. The devops SIG hangouts come to mind. We’ll start each meetup 
> with a theme or topic and then follow that up with open discussion. If you 
> have something you’d like to present or discuss, such as something you’d 
> like to see or something you’ve done that you want to let the world know 
> about, tell us! We’ll happily put you on the agenda. I’ll issue a call for 
> topics before each hangout, and we can then push topics to our Confluence 
> wiki. 
> <>
> In this first meetup, I’d like to take time to discuss OEP’s 
> <>, their 
> importance to the Open edX project, and our recent changes to simplify the 
> process 
> <>.
> We can also get an update on the Hawthorn release. We plan to schedule the 
> next hangout on Thursday, March 8, 13:00 Eastern US / 10:00 Pacific US / 
> 18:00 UTC. We’re looking at services for online conferencing, and we’re 
> open to suggestions if you have a preference. I will follow up with a 
> conference link early next week.Looking forward to it! Please add your 
> items to the agenda 
> <>.-John
> Mark WalkerOpen edX Community Lead*

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