> I am running UbuntuStudio 7.10 and Ekiga 2.0.11.
>  I have a little trouble with the audio at times but usually can work
> it out to the point of carrying on a conversation. Video has worked
> fine on my system as well. Many time I suspect the mic on both ends.
> Mine has been stepped on but I intend to invest in a good one that I
> can snap to my collar.

This is yet another report of success with Ubuntu and Ekiga 2.0.11. I now 
know of one person who got Ekiga to work on Slackware. This was a 
separate build on a Slackware box that I think he said was not dependent 
on Gnome that i have yet to locate. I will look into UbuntuStudio 7.10 as 
well, not sure what that is as compared to Ubuntu distro. Thanks for the 

Me, I am in Sweden. It is believed most Linux users are pretty much 
everywhere on the planet except USA. Great to see Ubuntu in Montana.


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