Le dimanche 30 mars 2008 à 00:01 +0000, D Webb a écrit :
> > > proving to offer the best sound quality, but many people are
> > > having problems 
> > > getting it to work reliably. I have been trying Ekiga 2.0.11
> > > that 
> > 
> > We rarely get crash reports... My advice might be biased, but Ekiga
> has
> > always had a good reputation of stability and reliability.
> > -- 
> > _ Damien Sandras
> I think this is because you have been re-directing bug reports to
> other 
> software like alsa-lib, which I reported. However, alsa-lib is pretty
> much 
> standard on all Linux distros. So if Ekiga is crashing because of a 
> conflict with alsa-lib, regardless of where the fault lies, Ekiga
> won't 
> work reliably under Linux without some kind of changes. I have yet 
> to see Ekiga work with Linux (default Slackware 12.0 install + Gnome) 
> or FreeBSD 7.0, although a friend finally did get it to work under
> Windows. 

The Windows version is beta software. We do not have any maintainer for
it (I even removed it from the website). If we can not find a
maintainer, that means there is no interest for it, so we can drop it.

As for the Linux version, I do not think I can agree with you about the
numerous instability problems you describe. 

I agree the ALSA problem is annoying and is reported by several people
(that is our number 1 bug). 

The problem is that nobody having the problem can fix it and ALSA
developers do not seem to care about it. The ALSA plugin has been there
several years and was working perfectly until they did some change in
the library and triggered that bug.

Have you tried using the very latest libasound2 version ?
Have you tried debugging the problem ?

> ALSA. There are plenty of people around here who have tried and 
> failed, 
> so it is clear there are problems. I guess I could ask around for 
> specifics

Yes, please ask them to tell us, because we rarely have crash reports
(except for the ALSA thing).
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