On Fri, 2019-03-29 at 11:37 +0530, jpsi...@isac.gov.in wrote: 
> > I am trying Video conferencing between Windows 10 desktop PC with
> > Sony HD IPELA video conferencing system. The video at Sony end is
> > getting stuck briefly and then again it resumes ( may be buffering
> > or jitters) e.g. for every 10 second video 4-5 seconds it is stuck.
> > PC end video is OK. Audio is Ok at both end. Sony video
> > conferencing system has large monitor. Please suggest any solution.

As a sysadmin for almost 30 years: this sounds like a network issue to
me.  Something is introducing latency or packet loss on one end, 
possibly a firewall?

Do you have network statistics for the connection or at least the

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