Hi Riccardo, and Alex - 

I have the Azure provider working now with the current Azure SDK, the 
current ElastiCluster, and (with a caveat) the latest Ansible. In the end, 
the changes are pretty minor although it took awhile to get there.

The caveat: I can start and stop clusters, but Ansible provisioning is not 
working for me at the moment. I think this is minor -- Ansible is not able 
to make an ssh connection to the nodes, because it's not trying the right 
private key. If I extract the ssh command and add "-i mykey", the command 

So I think your plan to include Azure as a preview in 2 weeks is good. That 
should give me enough time to sort out the Ansible problem and update the 

Meanwhile, I'm starting work on updating the PR on the bobd00 fork so that 
the changes will be ready to merge. Or maybe it would be faster to just 
make a new fork and create the PR there. I'm slow at these open-source 
process things.

Alex, if you're still interested in trying out some Azure clusters (which 
would be great), let me know and I'll put something together to get you 


On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 1:32:51 PM UTC-6, Riccardo Murri wrote:
> Hello Dave, 
> first of all: thank you very much for your work on this, and please 
> pardon me for the delay in replying! 
> (Dave Steinkraus, Sun, Sep 04, 2016 at 05:18:29PM -0700:) 
> > I found that the old Azure management APIs are still supported, and was 
> > able to work through and adapt to the changes and get it running again 
> by 
> > making minor modifications to the Azure provider 
> > (providers/azure_provider.py). I'm able to build and provision a 
> Gridengine 
> > cluster by following the cookbook here 
> > <https://github.com/bobd00/elasticluster/blob/master/README-AZURE.rst>. 
> > 
> > This is with the current Azure SDK (version ), but with old versions of 
> > elasticluster (1.3.dev0) and Ansible (1.7.2). My next step will be to 
> try 
> > current elasticluster and Ansible and see what further changes might be 
> > needed. (Will also try on Ubuntu 16 instead of 14.04.) 
> I plan to release ElastiCluster 1.3 in two weeks; do you think it would 
> make sense to release the Azure code as a kind of "preview feature"? 
> (meaning: it's not guaranteed to work and bugs therein are not blocking 
> for release) 
> I would then like to include Azure support in ElastiCluster version 1.4, 
> planned for end of November. 
> Thanks, 
> Riccardo 
> -- 
> Riccardo Murri, Schwerzenbacherstrasse 2, CH-8606 Nänikon, Switzerland 

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