I'm trying to get my just built K3 on the air and have encountered a strange 
pause sometimes in cw character elements.  Using a paddle set to Iambic B I 
frequently see a pause, sometimes a long pause.  It seems to be at the last 
dash of a character.  
The pause comes and goes as I try to send and seems to be the same in test mode 
as well as live.  Sometimes the pause is only about a 'dash' in duration, other 
times more like a 1/2 second. I can immediatly resend the group of words and 
everything is normal.  The paddle is a Begali Leonessa and I use it regularly 
on their CW machine, usually at 20 or 25 WPM with no problems so I don't think 
it's paddle adjustments.  A straight key on the K3 works fine.  I see the same 
pause with K3 speed set to 16,20 and 25.

Most of the settings are default.  I changed to Iambic B.  QRQ is Off, WGHT is 
1.10.  I have Fred Cady's book and have tried to set up per his instructions.  
I'm a total newby to the K3 so I'm sure its something simple but just can't 
figure it out.


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