When I first got my K3, I was used to a FT1000D and had the SP5 speaker to
go with it.  A friend who also has a FT1000D told me he thought the K3
sounded like "$#@%" compared to the FT1000D...so I hooked the K3 up to the
second input on the SP5 and switched back and forth between the FT1000D and
the K3, making equalizer adjustments to the K3 as I did so.  Finally I felt
I had the K3 sounding like a FT-1000D.  My friend came over and I made him
turn around so he could not see which radio he was listening to...At that
point when I switched from one radio to the other, he could not tell which
was which.  Of course he grumbled that you shouldn't have to make changes to
a new radio to get it to sound good...but I just laughed...  The beauty of
the K3 is having the ability to do what you want, and adjusting the sound to
personal taste is only one feature!  73, Greg-N4CC

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