Bret, Don brings up a great point if you don't have a frequency counter.

Per Don's suggestion you could even get very close if you zero beat your K3
to a WWV carrier on 10, 15 or 20 mhz.  This is really easy to do with the K3
reference offset setting in the Config menu...

Tune into the WWV 10mhz carrier for example on CW and switch back and forth
from CW to CW-R... i.e. from side band to side band with the Alt option on
the K3 panel... as you do this, make sure you are in the REFCAL K3 menu and
tune the offset until you can't hear a difference between the side band
tones via switching from CW to CW-R(eversed).  If you have a good ear, you
can be very accurate.  Oh, make sure you K3 is nice and warmed up before you
do this.

Once you have the K3 REFCAL set as close as you can tell to a WWV carrier,
you will be even closer if you follow Don's suggestion about listening to
the 10mhz output of the XG3 on your K3 receiver.  Pretty easy to get very,
very close.

Now if you really want to get anal!  As in time-nuts anal, you could pick up
a used HP Agilent 8657 (or similar) frequency generator.  Drive it with your
GPSDO and use the output in place of the XG3.  And then take it to another
level of anal and get a nice used power meter to set the output of the
frequency generator to as close as you can to the right power level to
calibrate your S meter and power output on your K3. :)  It's a evil slippery
slope of buying older lab grade equipment in an anal effort to have a very
accurate signal reference and power output reference.  For a used power
meter, I would look at the HP 438A series or even the newer version, but the
thing that will set you back are the power sensors... they can pricey and
still demand a premium on flea-bay.  Something like a HP 8484A to go along
with your power sensor.  Make sure you know what you are getting for the HF
range of power sensors etc.. and know what kind of power you are pumping
into the power sensor.  If you don't attenuate the level input and adjust
accordingly, you can fry the power sensor really quick and turn it into a
several hundred dollar brick. ;)

Anyway, this kind of stuff is fun... you will find yourself buying all kinds
of stuff just to have fun calibrating your gear.

Max NG7M

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