I've used the XG3 as signal source for testing/aligning VHF to mw gear and do not worry about its accuracy/stability. Instead I use my EIP538 counter which is good to 26.5 GHz using either the internal TCXO or my Rb source into the counter reference port. At turn-on the XG3 drifts quite a bit but after 20-min or so is slow enough for aligning Rx front ends. I have some heated xtal signal sources that act the same way but operate at mw frequencies.

Its a fine piece of test equipment for its size/cost and generates useful signals up to 1296-MHz. Above 200-MHz the output level is uncalibrated as you are using a harmonic of the output which will be lower level. So not real accurate for testing receiver MDS, still it can make a ballpark test of a receiver (is it good, mediocre, or bad). For HF thru 2m quite good for measurements.

If you do not have a counter its harder to check its frequency. Good suggestions have already been made. EIP538 is one of the best $500 investments I've made. HP141T is another.

73, Ed - KL7UW
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