It goes away in TX TEST.  So I suspect it is an RF-in-the-shack problem.
Try the K3 into a dummy load to verify that assumption.

If it is OK on a dummy load, your best fix is in the antenna system - better baluns, check antenna connections and anything else that can cause common mode feedline currents.


On 9/18/2016 8:53 PM, Louis Ives wrote:
My Upgraded K-3 has a noise when the transmitter is keyed.  The noise sounds 
like either some type of data noise or a severe feedback  The noise is there 
the moment that the radio is keyed, no type of voice input needed.  I have 
checked all settings and can find nothing that is out of spec.  I bypassed the 
100 watt amp and the problem was still there.  I am using Heil Proset headset 
and when the radio is put into test the audio is fine in the headset.  I used 
the recorder to make sure the noise was there during transmit and I also set up 
a second radio to monitor the K-3. The noise was still there.  I have no idea 
what to check next, if anyone has a suggestions it would be appreciated.

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