On Mon,10/10/2016 4:49 PM, Josh Fiden wrote:
If you're concerned about the additional loss of a barrel connector at 50MHz, you should be using feedline with lower loss than LMR400 up the tower.

The loss in GOOD quality UHF connectors and barrels at 50 MHz is negligible. There are urban legends (false, as usual) claiming that every connector loses a dB. The grain of truth is that JUNK connectors may introduce significant loss, but GOOD connectors and barrels do NOT. "Good" means Amphenol 83-1SP for the PL-259s, and Amphenol or surplus MIL-spec for the barrels.

Several years ago, I made up more than a dozen 100 ft cables using a cable of somewhat better construction than LMR400 (Commscope 3227) for a DX trip. The connectors were Amphenol 83-1SP that I soldered myself. To test those cables, I spliced them together using Amphenol barrels and measured the loss of about 1300 ft of cable up to 500 MHz using HP generator and spectrum analyzer. The measured loss was LESS than the manufacturer's spec. There were 27 83-1SPs and 13 barrels in line.

JUNK connectors are the shiny,unbranded stuff you see at ham flea markets, and sold online and in ham magazines.

73, Jim K9YC

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