> Based upon your experience and understanding of the issue, would an original 
> K3 (not K3s) with the new synths have better TX IMD?  In other words, is the 
> poor TX IMD of the K3s a function of some part of the rig not associated with 
> the new synths?
> Dave   AB7E

Hi all,

This has nothing to do with the new synthesizer.

Normally, the K3S (or K3) has worst-case TX 3rd-order IMD in the vicinity of 
-30 dBc (ARRL method) at rated power (10 W/100 W +/- 1 dB on most bands; see 
specs for exceptions). Nearly all other 12-V-capable transceivers are in this 
same range, because they all use approximately the same circuitry and PA 

We have made changes in K3S production that improve average IMD performance at 
both low and high power levels by as much as 3 dB. We will make these changes 
free of charge on any K3S returned to the factory for this purpose, whether or 
not it is still in the warranty period. The only charge would be for return 

The changes were phased in at the following serial numbers:

  KPA3A (100 W PA option):    Factory assembled, #10852    Kit, #10864
  LPA (10 W module):          Factory assembled, #10920    Kit, #10939

Please email k3supp...@elecraft.com if you have any further questions.


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